New Garowe is a vibrant new community that provides an exclusive and sophisticated living experience to residents. With New Garowe Amal Real Estate has raised the bar and brought to Garowe a new standard of living.

The residents of New Garowe will enjoy living in their beautiful architecturally designed homes and the many amenities and services the estate has to offer. The estate has everything residents need at their doorstop, from shopping, health services, education to lush beautiful landscaped gardens, residents will have it all.

The concept of designing around the environment and to compliment the natural topography of the land is a new one but that is what we have done with New Garowe and the result is a beautiful estate with the environment as the focal point.

Residents will enjoy the scenic walking paths and the many parklands the estate has to offer.

New Garowe offers the best living experience and investment in Somalia.


New Garowe is a 7 years project which will be developed in 3 phases. When completed the estate will be home to 1300 homes, an international school, commercial and retail precinct, a clinic, a large community masjid, 2 small masjids, public services, walking paths and landscaped parklands.


The development of New Garowe has been much awaited and many buyers have been in waiting lists for the past 2 years. This development presents a great deal of opportunity for owner occupiers and investors alike.

In this first year of development 130 houses have been released for sale. Due to limited release, prospective buyers are encouraged to list their interest and select their desired home and plot as soon as possible.

The first phase will include 130 houses, commercial and retail precinct, small masjid, a part of the school building, main estate 3km walking path, parks and playgrounds. Homes with dual road access, additional land area and within close proximity to parks and amenities are priced higher.

Once buyers have identified and selected their desired home and plot, they should contact our sales team which will help them secure their home and start the purchase process.

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Bungalow 1

This beautiful 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms home sits on a 20m x 15m plot and is the perfect starter family home. The bedrooms are separated from the living spaces so you can have your quiet rest zones and the open plan living quarters on the other side of the home.

The home also features an outdoor pergola sitting area, extending the entertainment area from indoor to outdoor.

Bungalow 1 like all Amal homes has a flexible design that can easily accommodate families who want to switch from open plan to closed plan for living and dining spaces.

Bungalow 2

This home is designed with family in mind, its integrated family living with modern design features makes this home the ideal home for growing families.

The home has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms – a spacious master bedroom with a walk-in closet and en-suite and an open plan living design. The home features an attached service quarters allowing for a connected yet private access for staff.

Bungalow 2 is designed for a 20 x 20 plot of land and the home sits comfortably on the block, showcasing a modern and aesthetically pleasing façade. The home offers a landscaped front porch and amble parking space.

Bungalow 3

Bungalow 3 is the most spacious of the bungalows and offers big living for large families. This beautiful home does not compromise on space with 600 square meters of land. Children have plenty of space to run around and play in this home.

The house is built on a 20m x 30m plot and has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms – a large master bedroom with built-in and en-suite and an open plan living design.

The home features 2 kitchens, and indoor kitchen and a large outdoor kitchen. It also has a fully detached service quarters which offer complete privacy and flexibility. This home is an entertainers dream with its large outdoor space and pergola for outdoor dining and seating.

Villa 1

This home offers the best of both worlds, it is an intimate family home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen and it offers a grand double story design with amble space for children to play and run around in the garden.

It is the ideal home for families who want a good-sized home and plenty of land.

This home’s clever design can be built on a 20m x 20m block or 15m x 30m.

Villa 2

This villa offers luxury living at an affordable price. It is a modern family home, spacious, bright and welcoming.  

It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, detached service quarters and an open plan living.

The home has a large master suite with its own balcony that looks down onto the expansive garden.

This home sits on a 20m x 30m plot and is perfect for a family who wants a big home but also wants a big garden so they can enjoy the outside of their home just as much as they do the inside.

Villa 3

Designed to impress, villa 3 has all the trimmings. This home features 6 spacious bedrooms – 2 masters bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, open plan living and dining, family space, main kitchen downstairs and kitchenette upstairs.

This home also offers abundant entertainment areas with an alfresco/porch that opens up from the dinning room to the pergola outside and the huge garden, this house has it all and is perfect for families who love to entertain or simply want plenty of space.

The home sits on a huge 20m x 40m plot and with 800 square meters of land there is room for more, buyers have space to create elaborate landscaped gardens and more.

With 2 master bedrooms this home is ideal for larger families, elderly buyers who need to consider accessibility or families with older children, it offers amble privacy with a master bedroom upstairs and one downstairs.


The interior design of the home is just as important as the structural build of the home and we have taken care in designing homes that are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

All Amal Real Estate homes are pre prices with standard inclusions, these inclusions are well selected, high quality and in line with the overall aesthetic of the home.

For buyers who want that little bit of extra luxury to give their home a more grand and personal touch, an upgrade package is available and our team is ready to guide them through the interior design of their home.


New Garowe will feature, lush green landscaped parklands and tree lined walking paths across the whole estate. In every section of the estate a small neighbourhood open space and park will be located making green spaces accessible to all residents no matter which area of the estate they live in.

Additional to green spaces the estate will have sporting grounds and playgrounds for children of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers the parks of New Garowe will be welcoming and fun.

New Garowe features a natural storm waterway. We have lined this waterway with local tree species and as they grow with the estate this area surrounding the waterway will become the central attraction and one of the most beautiful places to take a leisurely stroll in Garowe.


As residents and visitors enter the estate they will be greeted by the estate’s beautiful boulevard, lined with date trees and wide store side pathways, the boulevard is lively and welcoming.

It is on the New Garowe boulevard that the main commercial and retail hub of the estate is located.

There will be a wide variety of stores that will offer both a active market place vibe and a more structured shopping experience.

The commercial and retail precinct will also include restaurants, cafes and healthcare services.


The New Garowe International School will be Garowe’s largest and most prestigious school when completed. The school will occupy an area of approximately 30,000 sqm, including school grounds and parklands directly across the school. The school building itself will be a 2 story building and built in phases with the estate. It is projected to be completed in the early phase 3 stage of the project’s development.

When designing New Garowe we placed education at the heart of the Estate. Our focus has been accessibility to good education and the facilities that provision said education. New Garowe International School will serve the residents of the estate but we believe it will also be a school of choice for many students who live outside the estate and the wider region.

The school will have an educational program that will be from primary school to high school and of an international standard.


New Garowe will be home to several neighbourhood masjids and a large estate masjid that will have the capacity to hold several thousand people for Friday prayer, taraweeh, eid and all occasions.

The masjids are the most significant and beautiful structures in the whole estate, great care was given when designing the masjids. We wanted to present to the community masjids that were thoughtfully designed and built. All masjids will have both men and women prayer sections and the large masjid will also offer additional serves to the community, including classes for adults and children where they are able to study the deen and Quran.

The large masjid is a magnificent building that commends attention. It sits on a triangular shaped 140m x 120m plot and has huge landscaped grounds and marble foregrounds.

Investment and Business

The New Garowe project is a visionary and landmark development that will bring to market 1300 homes, commercial properties, retail properties, public buildings, parklands and much more.

Amal Real Estate is paving the way when it comes to construction and development. This is one of the most biggest and most complex projects currently under construction in Somalia, the challenges are big but so too is the projected profit and benefit to the community.

The city of Garowe is emerging as an economic power house and is experiencing rapid growth. More and more people are moving from other cities across the country seeking the many opportunities Garowe has to offer and the Somali diaspora community is returning home at a rapid rate. As the population of Garowe increases so does the demand for housing. Garowe is Somalia’s fastest growing city and there is a strong appetite for new homes. The New Garowe Project will play a vital role in supporting the forecasted growth of Garowe.

For investors and businesses there are several opportunities namely;

  • Residential investment properties
  • Commercial and retail businesses
  • Project Investment

Please contact our team for further information.